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As an HR professional, you face greater demands and expectations than ever before. Because wearing multiple hats in a dynamic marketplace is the new norm, maintaining balance and perspective is imperative—especially in turbulent economic times.

"sHaRe, a conversation," designed by Human Capital Partners, is a new movement designed to achieve industry innovation through collaboration. Our unique view of business and HR—coupled with our strong industry relationships—has motivated us to act as an conduit for bringing people together for a simple but profound purpose: to listen and learn.

The specific aspects of sHaRe will always be the result of community members’ mutual interests and objectives. But our core activities include:

• thought leadership seminars

• informal discussion events

• idea generation and problem-solving

• professional development opportunities

• networking

sHaRe is a space designed for you to talk about the pressures, responsibilities and importance of your vocation—led and facilitated by experts who’ve been there. The conversation begins when you share what you know—and connect with others looking to do the same. In today’s climate, standing still is not an option. But neither is sprinting toward unattainable objectives. The key is moving forward intelligently, and the movement begins here.