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Human Capital Partner’s foundational tenet is to engage with the resources your organization needs to transcend any challenge. The confidence and resilience that comes with those resources is not simply idle talk. We know that far-reaching, successful organizations need more than a reliable, excellent hometown team. That’s why we take immense pride in our roots, and at the same time understanding that economies are global.

Our partnership with Lincolnshire International, a worldwide career management leader, allows us to design programs and plans that meet your needs—where you need them and when—with a full contingent of engaged partners. Logistics, connections, networks, creativity ... everything you expect from Human Capital Partners is delivered to you around the world. Our partnership and shared values with Lincolnshire International mean expertise and commitment with a global perspective, rooted at home.

Bottom line: You gain direct access to a global network that extends Human Capital Partner’s reach into 200 offices on 6 continents—where experienced country managers develop customized solutions to global transition and expansion challenges.

Our global services include:

Global outplacement delivered on a one-to-one and group basis, often including extensive support facilities such as research, office and online facilities.

Broad transition support consulting and planning for organizations undergoing restructuring, transformation or downsizing.

Professional talent search for organizations that need global resources to deliver world-class leadership talent.

Logistics, connections, networks, creativity—you’re plugged into all of it with one seamless source. Best of all, you receive the benefits of a global perspective that lives right next door.